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QEDML Designer is the first software solution for Questionnaire Design and Deployment that is as affordable and easy to use as a general productivity software package; yet powerful enough to handle the most demanding questionnaire design task.

'Query'(QEDML) is an XML-based standard for encoding questionnaire designs so that they can be deployed in a variety of output formats and contexts, ranging from paper based documents, to online tests/surveys, to structured output data types suitable for integration into Survey Automation and e-Learning systems.

QEDML Designer is part of an integrated product suite that is targeted at:

  • Professional Marketing Researchers: For the design and deployment of market research surveys.
  • Educators: for the design and deployment of Adaptive Computer Assisted Tests.
  • Web Site Administrators: for the design and deployment of online data collection forms.
  • Business Professionals: for the design and capture of information through online and offline forms.

QEDML Designer offers significant advantages over existing questionnaire design packages, because it is:

  • Significantly more affordable and easier to use.
  • Capable of generating questionnaire deployment scripts in a wide variety of output formats.
  • Built upon an open extensible architecture, that allows questionnaires designed in QEDML to be edited and transformed using freely available XML utilities.
  • Automatically generates high quality print questionnaires in a range of standard document formats.
  • Transparently supports multiple languages within a single questionnaire design.